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Cleaning job in Copenhagen

Apply for work as cleaning-assistant in Copenhagen here.

Available Jobs in Copenhagen

Cleaning Assistant

Part-time job in Copenhagen.
We are looking for Cleaning Assistants to be part of our team and deliver excellent cleaning to offices and clinics in the Copenhagen Metropolitan area. 

If you are interested in working with us as a professionel Cleaning Assistant, then you can apply for the position by filling in the above application-form. 

We look forward to hearing from you.
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Cleaning Company in Copenhagen

Who are we? 

Cleaning Job in Copenhagen
We are a family driven cleaning company that pride ourselves on being able to deliver excellent cleaning services to businesses all over the Copenhagen Metropolitan Area. 

We are happy to hear from excellent cleaners who would like to have a job as a cleaning assistant in Copenhagen. 

We have been delivering professionel commercial cleaning to all manner of businesses since 1994, and have through that time arrived at a standard of cleaning, ensuring that our costumers are always happy with the service and the result rendered. 

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If you are looking for a cleaning job in Copenhagen, you are very welcome to fill in our application form above. This is the most direct way of getting your application to us. At the moment we are specifically open to cleaners who are looking for part-time cleaning jobs in Copenhagen. 
When applying please make sure to note how many hours pr. week that you would like to have on the cleaning job, and you are welcome to add any extra information in the last field in regards to if you are available for a part-time cleaning job. 

When applying for your cleaning job in Copenhagen, also note which part of the day and week that you would prefer to have your cleaning jobs, this is either in the day-time, evenings or in the weekend. You eventual cleaning job is not restricted to these times, this is more just to get an idea of when it generally fits you best to perform your cleaning job. 

We would also like to know when you would be able to begin any eventual cleaning job in Copenhagen, there is a drop down calendar as part of the form and you simply choose a date where you would be able to begin the cleaning job.

As part of the application we also ask how you found out about us in regards to apply for a cleaning job in Copenhagen, here you simply choose from the options. Feel free to add in the last field any more specifics on how you heard about the possibility for a cleaning job.

If there is any additional information about your application for a cleaning job you are welcome to let us know in the last field of the form. 

If there is any issue with submitting the application form, please inform us on our general contact form
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